Log into the portal to:

  • View your loan status
  • See contact information
  • View disclosures
  • E-Sign disclosures
  • Upload documents (the portal is a password protected secure method of uploading sensitive documentation)
  • View a summary of your loan terms
  • Review notifications from the lender

READ THESE STEPS for the eSign Process:

  1. First time you are required to review or esign documents – you will be asked to authenticate with your authorization code.
  2. After initial authentication you will see a task box.
  3. Click on the task box to see if you have documents to review or sign.
  4. Each Consumer will have their own documents to esign- tied to their individual login, Click the “View List” to see your documents.
  5. Click the “open documents” button, to view and esign documents that require signatures.
  6. You have the option to download the documents to view and/or print to save after signing – see top icons.
  7. Be sure to read all documents prior to signing- you can use the scroll bar on the right of the document.
  8. Click Start, Click Sign & adopt your full signature (do not use initials)- click “adopt & sign” & follow the yellow “sign” instead of the blue “Next” button to avoid missing signing documents.
  9. After Signatures are complete, you can review all documents to be sure they are signed and click the blue “Finish” button at the top of the page.
  10. You will see a small green checkbox on your task box when completed.

    green check with pencil